Our Class Policies

  • Health issues: Please mention any physical limitations to the instructor prior to the start of class

  • Class Restrictions: Classes close 15 minutes after scheduled start time. Please do not ask to be the exception

  • Ssss...: Please respect classes in progress. Keep unnecessary noise to a limit inside and outside the training area

  • Logistics: Bags & backpacks are not permitted in classes. Lockers are provided to store you bags and other items

  • Safety/Security: You are responsible for the security of your belongings, so make sure you bring your own lock for lockers

  • Covid: Due to COVID, please ensure you follow all safety instructions provided to you from our front office staff

  • Booking: Book online from our OAKA37 App (download from Appstore or Google Play) or via telephone. please

  • Cancelations: Cancel via our app or contact us 2 hours before the class otherwise you will be charged according your package (€/visit)

  • Refund Policy: Our members are not allowed to get any refund