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Helping Companies Develop a Culture of Health & Wellness

Corporate Fitness or Wellness is among the most important investments that your company can make. In fact research shows that businesses that start Corporate Fitness Programs are able to improve the overall employee morale and productivity, reduce health care costs and helps employees discover the value that health can bring to their lives. Healthier employees are more likely to work more diligently, better manage stress and miss fewer days of work due to illness.

At TrainSmart, we believe Corporate Fitness shouldn’t be boring. We create personalized, dynamic and fun programs that consistently evolve over time, ensuring the best possibility of long term success for your employees. We challenge and stimulate your staff using the latest and proven training methods to deliver positive health change.

A successful corporate wellness program is embedded into the culture of the company and combines physical exercise, education, communication, incentives, and long term commitment. Our programs are modular and can be tailored to your company's needs and culture.

Our services:

  • TrainSmart® Consulting: in the area of site re-modeling to assist training; This service is a process that includes suggestions and planning in how a certain area(s) of the organization can support the project given that training is delivered on site. It includes support in terms of what equipment is required, the layout and architecture. This investment is limited and is based on your budget;

  • TrainSmart® educational Workshops & Training: on the benefits and rationale of on/off-site, Online training and fitness programs (coaching,training, nutrition etc). Training is conducted in 3 phases, one in the beginning to gain support and achieve the engagement required from the participants. It continues in the second phase to re-cap, get results and feedback, in order to go on the third phase to give solutions and motivate all those who left behind

  • TrainSmart® Fitness Training - On site training –physical Workout programs

  • TrainSmart® Wellness Events/ Employee Prizes: we bring you a selection of events to make the most of outdoor activities.

TrainSmart® Education

Tailored Fitness Education Programs comprising classroom based training and presentations covering topics such as:

  • Fitness: Health & Lifestyle coaching

  • Nutrition & Diet

  • Wellness - Relaxation

  • Safety (The Warehouse Program)

TrainSmart® Fitness & Wellness

  • Physical Workout Programs (on premise or off site)

  • Beginners workout program

  • Group exercise and fitness classes

  • Personal Training

  • CrossFit, TRX, Aerobics, Functional

  • Yoga, Pilates, Mobility, Stretching & Relaxation

  • Spinning® (indoor cycling), BodyCycle™

  • Marathon prep., Triathlon

  • Massage, (sport, relax)

TrainSmart® Nutrition

  • Assessing current diet and nutrition needs for each employee

  • Develop nutrition plans for employees

  • Monitor weight and progress

  • Diet Counselling

  • Vending machine (healthy) Snack Planning

From Fitness to Wellness

Key characteristics of the shift

The Health & Fitness industry is experiencing fundamental shift that is driven by amongst other things, changing consumer behaviors, increasing level of healthy consciousness and awareness, technology developments , collectivism (“crowd”) and continuing blurring the boundaries between work and home. For example:

  • Physical workout or exercise before or after work

  • Focus on physical exercising or work outs

  • Focus on individual/ individualistic approach

  • Workout or exercise during work

  • Broader focus to include physical exercise, nutrition, education, relaxation & mental well being

  • Collective/team & participatory approaches

“Capturing this shift in fitness behaviours and market dynamics is at the heart of TrainSmart’s business strategy”

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Nicos Chyssafis

Founder, Managing Director Owner OAKA37


CF-L2, CF-Kids, CF-Masters, CPT, CGT, CIC, WLPT

M: +30 6973011000



Nicos is the founder and MD of TrainSmart®, a programme offering tailor made fitness training solutions for companies. He is also owned the CrossTraining club ‘OAKABOX’’ and Boulevard CrossFit.

Nowadays is managing and owning the Strength & Conditioning Fitness club ‘OAKA37’ based in the Olympic Athletic Centre of Athens ‘O.A.K.A’.

As a former athlete and passionate about fitness he has extensive experience in coaching and wellness programmes. Since 2006 Nicos is an official athlete of Greek weightlifting club of Chalandri. He is a graduate in the area of computer systems of the national school of Athens, Greece (2000), and undergraduate student of European culture studies in Hellenic Open University.

He holds a Diploma in Sports Medicine NASM AZ., is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (ANSI) & CrossFit Kids & Masters Trainer, official CrossFit Judge, Certified Personal trainer and indoor cycling, Spinning® instructor, CPT, CIC, CGT, WLPT. He is founder of the fitness program CyBox® which combines indoor cycling with Boxing.

He is member of the national boxing and Weightlifting Federation. Currently working as a head coach in Olympic Sports Center and managing many training clubs and companies in Athens.